Sue Gill was my midwife for my third birth. She was so wonderful! It is so different than being with an OB, I feel like we became friends. She takes as much time with you as needed to cover all of your concerns and needs at every appointment. She was literally there for me whenever I needed her. If I ever have another child she will be the first person I call.
Carysa M.
Laguna Hills, CA

I was blessed to have Sue Gill attend the home birth of my twins. Hiring her was one of the best decisions that my husband and I have ever made. Sue is professional, extremely knowledgeable, reliable, and caring. She is super vigilant when it comes to preventive care and did everything in her power to help me stay healthy and low risk.

My prenatal appointments were very comprehensive and included my diet, emotional check-ins, as well as routine exams and lab work. When it came time for the birth, Sue was  knew just when to encourage me, and when to step back and give me space. She carefully monitored me and my babies throughout labor.

I will be forever grateful to Sue and her team for trusting me and for trusting in birth. Because of them, I was never separated from my beautiful baby girls. I was able to have a natural, beautiful, empowering birth that left me feeling like the luckiest woman around.