Despite evidence that a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is the safest choice for most women; many hospitals make it increasingly difficult or ban the option.

The documented benefits of having a vaginal birth after a cesarean are plentiful.  A VBAC can help to avoid postpartum infection, blood transfusions, dangerous blood clots, future infertility, complications from general or regional anesthesia, need for a hysterectomy, breathing difficulty for babies, and complications in future pregnancies.

Susan has cared for many VBAC women who have reclaimed the labor experience by giving birth vaginally under her care.

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Benefits of a Water Birth

Studies show that women who have had a cesarean birth but go on to birth vaginally are likely to experience the following:

Lower risk of postpartum infection resulting from the cesarean surgery
Less blood loss
Lower risk of needing a blood transfusion
Lower risk of developing dangerous blood clots
Lower risk of infertility in the future
Less risk of damage to your internal organs during surgery
Lower risk of complications from general or regional anesthesia
Lower risk of needing a hysterectomy
Less difficulty with mother-baby bonding and attachment
Lower risk of breathing difficulties for babies
Less difficulty with breastfeeding
Lower risk of developing complications in future pregnancies with placenta previa (placenta grows in lower portion of the uterus, covering the cervix) and placenta accreta (placenta grows into the uterine wall and cannot separate from uterus after birth). The complications increase with each additional cesarean birth


I found Sue and Blessed Beginnings Midwifery while searching for a VBAC provider for my second birth, back in 2006.  As of this summer (2013), she has helped me birth three of my four children!

Sue takes plenty of time to get to know you and care for you in your specific situation, every time.  Appointments last an HOUR, not the hurried five minutes of your typical OB office visit.

Sue is very relaxed at your home during a birthing time.  She stays in the background and lets you do your thing, checking progress or heart tones when necessary.  She is also extremely calm and quick in a difficult situation.  My 4th baby got his shoulders a bit stuck as he was being born, and Sue helped me get him out without any injury to him OR tearing for me.  That is pretty impressive.

I recommend Sue to my friends and to my clients (I am a doula, so I work with pregnant women and am often in a position to recommend care providers.)  She is a fantastic midwife and a wonderful woman.

Emily M.
La Habra, CA