We Care About You, Your Baby and Your Family’s Wellbeing

Susan is committed to providing excellent care for women and their babies in a practice that promotes natural childbirth and alternative health care. She strives to provide gentle care from preconception to menopause, preserving women’s dignity by honoring and being responsive to their needs. She does her best to accurately portray the options a pregnant woman/couple has by providing factual information from both the midwifery model and the medical model in order to make informed decisions.  She wants her clients to be confident in their ability to give birth, breastfeed and parent.

Integrity, honesty, patience, compassion… just a few of the things that she believes are important to provide her clients with the best care possible.

Blessed Beginnings provides:

Blessed Beginnings prenatal schedule consists of monthly visits until the 32nd week, then every other week until the 36th week, followed by weekly visits until your baby’s birth day. At each visit we do a prenatal exam as well as discuss nutrition and exercise.  At the end there is always time for questions and answers.
Including ultrasound and genetic testing.
We do this while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the mother and baby. Mothers may labor and/or birth in warm water. Your baby goes directly on your chest for a gentle transition into the world. Susan stays a few hours after the birth to ensure mother and baby are stable. She makes sure the new mom has something to eat, assists her with going to the bathroom and showering, and helps clean up.
A complete newborn baby assessment is usually done within the first two hours after the family has time to bond.
We will come to your home one day and three to four days after the baby’s birth for breastfeeding assistance and care in the “fourth trimester.” Additionally, as a newborn screening provider with the state of California, Susan supports and educates parents’ rights to make responsible decisions for their newborn and provides desired services.
Physical exams, pap smears, breast exams and natural family planning.



Sue was my midwife for my 2nd and 3rd births and most certainly will be again, if we decide to have more babies in the future.

Having a good midwife is just an entirely different experience. Imagine someone who genuinely cares, who speaks to you like you are person, a friend even, who you can laugh and cry with, and who knows what they are doing!

I still talk with Sue regularly. She still asks about the kids. I know if I ever show up at the office, I’ll still be part of the family. You really don’t know what you are missing until you have an awesome midwife like Sue!

Sue Gill was amazing. I desired a VBAC at home and she guided me through my preparation to having the best alignment and position of the baby possible.

My husband was skeptical of home birth in the beginning but is now a total believer and would use Sue in a heart beat if we had number 3.