Home Birth

The optimal birth requires relaxation, released inhibitions, and the freedom to move about.

Laboring at home with a compassionate midwife monitoring mom and baby allows for the mother to follow her inner wisdom as her body naturally guides the baby down. Being in control of who enters the labor room also keeps mom free of tension, which often results in shorter labors.

In addition to the privacy and comfort of giving birth at home, the seamless transition from birth tub to freshly-made bed allows for comfortable family cuddle time and bonding in the first precious hours.

With every medical intervention comes a risk. When birthing at home, a family is free from many routine procedures that can lead to more invasive interventions, not to mention eliminating the risk of exposure of the mother and the newborn to infectious organisms found in hospitals. Studies continue to show better outcomes in low-risk births with experienced midwives at home.



Sue is extremely well educated and experienced. She remains calm and encouraging during birth (even when it goes on for days!). She trusts the birth process and a mother’s instincts; knows when to leave you to focus on your labor and when to step in to reassure, and possibly guide, you. I thoroughly enjoyed my prenatal visits at her office as well. We spent an hour together (at least) each appointment. She answered any questions I had; she suggested subjects/decisions to look into regarding birth and newborns; and she provided me with tons of information (verbally, in her handbook and loaned me books) regarding nutrition, pregnancy, and birth. She also respected all of my choices. Her heart is so big and she is very passionate about women and families receiving quality care based in respect.